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Samat Industrial Sepahan Company is based in Isfahan’s Science and Technology Park is known with years of successful experience and presence in the field of industry and mining of the country and as a top unit in the field of consulting, designing and manufacturing a variety of micronized mill lines, industrial mills including minerals mill, chemicals and cosmetics mill, food mill, hard and sensitive substances mills, abrasive substances mill, rubber substances mill and various types of spray driers and etc. It is worth noting that the machines of this company are provided using the most advanced materials and systems adjustable for granules and sizes and various meshes and micronized proportionate to the type of industrial use of different industries including mining industries, pharmaceutical industries and chemical industries and refractory materials industries, ceramic industries, tile industries, paint industries and production of different types of powder paints, explosive industries, food industries, etc. Fortunately, Samat Industrial Sepahan Company, a manufacturer of industrial mills, has proven this advanced technology to everyone in line with the type of material and customer-oriented capacity in the sizes of laboratory mills to industrial mills


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This company, a producer company of industrial mills, has been loyal to its commitment to advancement and development, not as a dream but as a requirement, because we believe that a movement without sustainable growth and development will lead to failure in the economic and social spheres. Samat Sepahan Company is one of Iran’s leading machine manufacturing companies in Isfahan province and is a member of Isfahan Science and Technology Park which has been working on a variety of micronized lines, for instance, it has worked for many years as one of the most basic mills of mines and has a brilliant history throughout the country


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