About Us

Sepahan Company, Isfahan Science and Technology Park, has started its activity in the field of designing and manufacturing various models of micronizers and powder mills since 2004. In line with its own activity and in order to meet the needs of the market in the field of other micronizer models, as well as to increase the efficiency and performance of its microsystems, the company has consistently pursued its research and development in order to acquire the technical knowledge of designing and manufacturing these micronizers and powder mills. The micronizers made by Samaat Industry Sepahan Company are suitable for milling a wide range of materials of different hardness such as minerals, rubber substances and plastic materials, fiber materials, ceramic materials, temperature sensitive materials, explosive materials, different types of toxins, foodstuffs, Pharmaceutical ingredients, detergents, pigments and …. Some products of Sepahan Samaat Company include Jet Mill, Separator Mill, Raymond Mill, Polarizer Mill of Plastic and Polymer Mill, Turbo Mill, Pin Mill, Liquid Nitrogen Mill, Drier Spray & ….

Some records of the company Samaat Sepahan Industry

  • Micronized Mineral Bentonite Powder Production Line, Talcum and Calcium Carbonate
  • Micronized mineral powder production line of dolomite, feldspar and barite
  • Design and manufacture of the only production line of micronized silicon carbide powder (with a hardness of 9.5 mohs)
  • Design and manufacture of dozens of universal mills for spices and herbs in different cities of the country
  • Micronized Iron Oxide Powder (Ocher) Production Line
  • Micronized powder production line for temperature sensitive materials in the aerospace organization
  • Micronized powder production line for sugar, cocoa and coffee for chocolate and biscuits
  • Launching a rice mill with a grain size of less than 60 microns in Babol city
  • Design and manufacture of micronizers for the abrasive industry (strokes, gullies, etc.)
  • Launching micronized alumina powder production line and a type of temperature-sensitive pigment in Isfahan
  • Designing and manufacturing jet mill for milling pharmaceutical and sanitary materials in Jahad university
  • Designing and manufacturing jet mill for shredding pharmaceutical materials in Shiraz Pharmaceutical Organization
  • Launching a micronized powder production line for mineral pigment and pigment for a grain size below 20 microns in Qazvin city
  • Design and manufacture of micronized milling laboratory for Jajarm alumina factory
  • Micronized powder production line of pyrophoric materials in the defense industry
  • Designing and manufacturing milling machine for refractory industry
  • Micronized soot production line with a grain size of less than 5 microns (4000 mesh) in Isfahan
  • Designing and manufacturing separator mill for grinding soot with capacity of 3 tons per hour
  • Micronized powder production line for catalyst used in the petrochemical industry
  • Designing and manufacturing micronizer for the production of mineral pigments for road and transportation
  • Designing and manufacturing micronized powder mill for several other organizations and companies …
  • Providing grinding services by micronized machines mills to dozens of companies

Management Unit

Mohammad Hosseini Manjesi
Mohammad Hosseini ManjesiManaging Director
Mechanical Engineer
 Kazem Malekipour
Kazem MalekipourTechnical management
Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, Solid State Design
 Amir Karimian
Amir KarimianManagement of machinery research and development
Master of Mechanical Engineering Solid State Design
 Bita Zarei
Bita ZareiMaterials Research and Development Expert
Bachelor of Chemistry
Ehsan Islami
Ehsan IslamiSales Department
Master of Business Administration
Bahram Rafie
Bahram RafieSales Manager
Mohamad Asadi
Mohamad AsadiR&D Department
Master of Mechanical Engineering