Project Description

Advanced Raymond Mill

Advanced Raymond Mill is the perfect choice for producing finely und ultrafine granules. The mill is mainly used to crush mineral ores such as calcium carbonate, bentonite, feldspar, iron ore, copper, barite, mica, acrylic, zeolite, dolomite and the like. In Asia, the most up-to-date technologies available for particle separation have been used. Principles of operation: The main shaft of the mill are moved by the engine and the gearbox and leads to the rollers moving in the specified direction. At the same time the engine feeds the material into the mill. Due to the centrifugal force, it is guided from the center of the materials to the space between the rollers and the ring, and it is crushed by passing through the rings and rollers placed inside the mill. The crushed materials are driven by the pressure of the fan towards the top of the mill and the location of the classifier. The rotational displacement of the classifier and the centrifugal force of the resulting from it returns the large particles to the mill and allows other particles to pass to the Advanced Raymond Mill cyclone to be isolated from the air. The outlet air from the cyclone is dumped into the filter bag and into the outer environment. Due to its new features and its very low depreciation, the mill is a good alternative in terms of the price of the mill in the mining industry

  • High energy efficiency compared to other mills
  • High-performance classifiers and lack of runaway granules
  • Ease of output particle size change
  • Ease of maintenance and replacement of parts
  • Use of anti-wear alloys in rings and rollers

Fragile and non-explosive materials such as calcite, calcium carbonate, kaolin, bentonite, gypsum, talc, mica, graphite. The powders produced by this mill are used in paint, paper, pigment, rubber and plastics, cosmetics and chemicals industries.

۱- Hopper of input materials
۲-main mill

۳- classifier
۴- cyclone
۵ -filter bag

۶-Centrifugal fan