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Drier spray

Spray is a type of drying agent used to dry soluble materials, suspensions, temperature-sensitive materials, pharmaceutical substances, and so on. In this type of drying agent, the contact time of the material and the hot air is within seconds, and thus able to maintain the taste and color and the physical properties of the materials. Principles of drier spray performance: Environment air enters the hot air furnace. The furnace settings are such that the air temperature of the outlet is favorable. Hot air enters special filters for purging of possible particles. On the other hand, the solution is guided by a special pump to the atomizer. The droplets formed by the atomiser in the vicinity of hot air quickly lose their moisture and the resulting powder is added to the bottom of the spray drier or directed to the cyclone.

A wide range of applications from sensitive pharmaceutical materials to ceramic materials

The proof of the quality of the material in terms of taste and color and chemical properties

Achieving uniform particles with spherical shape

Suitable for soluble materials, slurries, suspensions, pastes, gels

Drier spray is a familiar name in the drying industry. This dryer is used to create granule or powder. In this dryer, the input materials are pumped towards the atomizer using a pump.

This product is for making powder and granulating soluble materials, suspensions and materials with low melting temperatures.

Chemical industries, polymer industry and resin, M.

Chemical industry, polymer and resin industries, detergents, adhesives, oxides, pigments, ceramics and advanced materials, pharmaceutical industries, blood products, dentistry, food industries, milk products, flavors, colorants, plant extracts, textile production industry and …

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