Project Description

Jet Mill

Jet mill and more precisely the mill with fluid energy uses the high speed air jet or other gases to transfer energy to particles and grind them. These mills are principally used for the production of particles of the size between 3 to 50 microns in various tonnages. There are no moving parts in the mill compartment, and the grinding process only happens through the contact of particles with each other. On the other hand, because there is no contact between the materials and the body of the mill, it is also very suitable for materials sensitive to contamination in the pharmaceutical and food industries and etc. This mill, due to its high technology and superiority in terms of energy consumption, uniform granularity up to 2,500 meshes, zero pollution and reasonable prices, has increased its use extensively in the industry. Jet mill manufactured by Samaat Sepahan Industry Company is designed and manufactured in various types such as Spiral Jet Mill, Floyd bad Jet Mill and Trust Jet Mill. Samaat Industry Mill Lines Company
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  • Production of very fine particles below 40 microns to 3 microns

  • Proper control of the particles size and uniformity of the product compared to other mills

  • Suitable for a wide range of materials with high hardness up to 9.5 Mohs

  • Simple mechanical structure due to the small number of moving components

  • Reasonable in terms of energy consumption

  • Diversity of sizes from laboratory models to industrial models

  • Performing some of the processes along with the milling, such as dewatering from humid materials, coating the particles, drying, and some chemical reactions

  • Low wear on the body due to the lack of contact with the material

  • The amount of contamination and free iron output to the amount of zero

In this type of mill, the energy present in compressed air is used to grind the material. In this mill by using the energy present in compressed air, the air velocity of the outlet from the nozzles reach supersonic, and the air contact with the materials as well as the contact of particles with each other will result in the crushing of the materials. Since in this mill, there is no contact between materials and metal surfaces, it provides an ideal condition for grinding the materials sensitive to pollution such as the pharmaceutical industries and food industries.
Jet mill has been counseled, designed and constructed for grinding a wide range of materials in various industries throughout the country, including jet mill mills for chemical industries such as aluminum jet mills, aluminum hydroxide jet mills, magnesium oxide jet mills, zinc oxide jet mills, black soot jet mills, glass and silica jet mills, jet mills of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, jet mills of temperature-sensitive materials, jet mills for pharmaceutical industries such as jet mills of vitamins, jet mills of painkillers, grout jet mills, protein jet mills, and … jet mills for food industries such as rice jet mills, wheat jet mills, sugar jet mills, jelly beer jet mills, vanilla jet mills and etc.

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