Project Description

Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a modern grinding technology that is mainly used for crushing non-flammable rocks and explosions in mining, metallurgy and chemical industries. Raymond milling device is used for grinding minerals with a hardness of less than 6 Mohs, such as bentonite, feldspar, calcite, calcium carbonate, gypsum, iron ore, etc. from 80 to 400 mesh. Functional Principles: The raw material is injected into the inlet hopper of the device. These materials, which are smaller than 2 to 3 centimeters, are fed to the inner compartment of the mill by means of a conveyor or screw. The centrifugal force resulting from the turning of the main shaft drives the milled materials into the space between the roller and the ring. In the bottom of the mill, the hammers are connected to the main shaft, which are responsible for directing the material from the bottom of the mill to the space between the roller and the ring. The presence of high-pressure springs exerts heavy force on the materials and shreds them. The placement of centrifuge fan in the closed circuit of the mill leads to negative pressure in the milling space and drives the particles into the machine classifier. The centrifugal force from the classier of large particles returns the particles to the grinding mill to allow the grinding of particles to pass through the cyclone to separate the air. Finally, the dusts generated are collected by the filter bag.

  • آسیاب میکرونیزه مواد معدنی|آسیاب ریموند می | آسیاب جت میل
  • Low space required due to the standing design
  • More energy efficiency than Ball mill
  • Extensive range of grinding materials by the mill
  • Ease of setting mill particle output size
  • Suitable price due to high production capacity
  • Ease of repair and replacement of consumable parts of the device

It is one of modern technologies in grinding industry, mainly used to crush non-flammable and non-explosive stones, and is mainly used in the mineral, metallurgical and chemical industries.
The Raymond mill is mainly used for crushing minerals with a hardness of less than 6 Mohs and up to 400 meshes.
Substances such as feldspar, calcite, calcium carbonate, talc, barite, iron ore, copper rock, manganese rock, fluoride, zirconium, ash, white lime, activated carbon, dolomite, granite, soft coal, coke coal, charcoal, gold ore, red clay, clay, kaolin, coke, coal impurities, clay of dishes, Kyanite, fluorite, bentonite, liparite drug stone, diabase, pyrophyllite, shale red stone, Emeraldite, basalt, gypsum, graphite, carborandum.

Raymond mill line consists of the following components::
1 Primary stone crusher
2 Lift
3 Inlet hopper
4 Inlet filter
5 motor fan
6 Separator
7 fan
8 Raymond mills
9 filter bag
10 Silicon