Project Description

Roller stone crusher

Roller crusher is used as a secondary crusher in stone granulation lines. Roller crusher or hammer crusher is used to crush various soft-hard tough minerals. In these stone crushers, anti-rubbing manganese rollers are used. Methodology: Roller mill is composed of two rollers. The opposite roller rotation moves the entrance rocks into the space between the two rollers. The pressure from the rollers results in the collapse of the incoming rocks. The minimum distance between the two rollers will determine the size of the output rocks. This distance is adjustable with the help of the adjustment screws installed on the machine. In order to protect the crusher against the iron parts in the inlet load, one of the rollers is connected to the chassis with the help of a shock absorber to allow the crosswise movement of the iron parts from between the rollers

The crushing ability of semi-hard and hard materials

High grinding ratio and creating minimal friction

Use of anti-abrasive manganese-bearing alloys

Use of roller bearings with high strength

Copper stone, iron ore, calcium carbonate, quartz, silica, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, coal, coke, slag melting furnace, clay, sand, magnesium oxide, chromium oxide, glaze